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How to get Vietnam visa for French

All French citizens can now access Vietnam quite easily with the provision of a Vietnam visa for French.

There are now two ways to acquire a Vietnam visa as a French citizen: apply for the Vietnam visa directly at the Vietnam embassy/consulate in France. Or apply for your Vietnam visa online with help of the letter of approval.

Ambassade du Vietnam en France
62 rue Boileau, 75016 Paris, France
Standard: 01 44 14 64 00; 06 48 59 91 64; 01 44 14 64 00; 01 44 14 64 13

Online application for the Vietnam visa for French.
The online application for the Vietnam visa is faster and saves you from having to travel to Vietnam. You do not have to present yourself physically but all you need is active connection to the Internet.

With this option you will need to follow these steps below:
 - Visit our website and find the visa application forms from there
 - Download the form and print it so you can fill it in and send it back to us in softcopy.
 - Pay visa service fees with us exactly as guided by instructions on our website.
 - Wait for up to 48 working hours to acquire your letter of approval by email as sent to you by the immigration department of Vietnam via us.
 - Download and print the letter of approval to hardcopy for the next steps:

Acquire your Vietnam visa using your letter of approval:
 - As you board a plane to Vietnam you should identify yourself with the printed copy of your letter of approval
 - Upon landing at the international airport of Vietnam walk to the 'Visa on Arrival Office' located within the airport.
 - Submit your passport, two passport photos and your printed letter of approval.
 - You will be asked to pay a visa-stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa for French stamped on your visa. Finally you will receive your Vietnam visa.

Conditions to applying and acquiring your Vietnam visa for French
You must have a valid passport. The passport should be acquired at least six months prior to your visa application.
You must submit the most recent passport photos in two copies, not older than six months.
Your letter of approval and passport should show consistence of information. As such you should ensure you accurately fill in the visa application forms.
All instructions for the visa application procedures must be strictly followed

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